Literacy Kits

child reading a book

Literacy Kits inspire a love for reading in the children who receive them and creativity in the dedicated volunteers who assemble them. Each kit includes one book and volunteer designed props, games, or other activities to make the reading interactive.

Literacy kits with children at headstart

Researchers found that 23% of children with “below-basic” reading skills in third grade had not graduated high school by age 19. 

United Way of Southwest Louisiana is working to put more books in the hands of more children. Literacy Kits provide books and activities that make the stories more meaningful and memorable. 

LITERACY KITS are designed for specific grades and range from STEM to art and anti-bullying. 

You or your organization can pay for a specific number of children to receive a literacy kit or you can pick a grade at a school and pay for all of those kits.




If you're a teacher interested in Literacy Kits for your classroom, please contact us for more information.

Grand Lake Elementary School teacherI started handing these out towards the end of the night and every kid had a HUGE smile on their face when they realized they got to keep the book. Thank y’all so much!!!

Leslea M., teacher at Grand Lake Elementary School