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TEXT 833.TXT.TEEN (833.898.8336)

833.txt.teen hotlineCrisis Intervention Specialists, also simply known as Specialists, are able to provide emotional support, information and/or referrals to community resources, and crisis intervention as needed. Specialists are not here to judge, give advice, or tell you what to do. We understand that people are the experts in their own lives.

How it works

The Crisis Teen Textline serves anyone ages 13-22, in any type of crisis, providing access to free, 24/7 support and information through text message.

  1. Read the United Way of Southwest Louisiana Teen Textline Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
  2. Text 833-TXT-TEEN (833-898-8336) from anywhere in Southwest Louisiana, anytime, about any type of crisis. (Starting a text indicates that you have agreed to our Terms of Service).
  3. Before the Specialist joins the conversation, you will be asked a few brief questions. Your answers are confidential.
  4. After you’ve submitted the brief questions, a live, trained Crisis Intervention Specialist will join the conversation.
  5. The Specialist will work with you to help you process your specific situation by providing emotional support and information and/or referrals if needed.

The goal of Crisis Teen Textline is to be a service to you when you need someone to talk to. During your session, the Specialist may ask you questions to help them better understand your situation and your emotions, as well as to assess your safety. The Specialist will talk with you about how you are feeling, and help you create a safety plan if necessary. If the Specialist feels that you cannot stay safe without emergency intervention, he or she may talk with you about contacting those services. In the extreme case that you cannot keep safe or will not contact emergency services yourself, the Specialist reserves the right to contact the appropriate services for you. However, this is never our first course of action and is only done if absolutely necessary.

Once you have ended your text session, you will be given the opportunity to tell us about your experience with our services in a brief survey.  Hearing directly from you allows us to develop programs and services that help you best. We really appreciate your feedback.