Basic Needs

Furniture for Families

When basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter are not in place, the consequences can be severe. This is why part of United Way of Southwest Louisiana’s mission is to ensure that the basic necessities of life are available for those in need.

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Whether someone is a victim of a disaster or other type of personal crisis, the existence of supportive services helps people’s basic needs to be met. Through United Way of Southwest Louisiana partnerships and funded programs, these services provide a crucial safety net for vulnerable populations to quickly access help and receive the support they need to have a better quality of life, both now and in the future.


Decreasing the number of individuals dependent on assistance.


Assisting people in times of need.


  • Crisis Preparation
  • Resources

United Way of Southwest Louisiana was the recipient of the 2022 Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Award(LEPA) for our work before and after COVID-19, Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Delta and Winter Storm Uri. 

We are the fiscal agent for Southwest Louisiana Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (SWLA VOAD) still working on getting community members into safe homes.

We have partnerships with the City of Lake Charles, Lake Charles Police Department, Calcasieu Parish School Board, Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office

Chair of Calcasieu Prisoner Reentry Coalition

NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

Thank you so much for helping us stay warm , it was so warming to our hearts that people we don't even know reached out and helped us. Thank you so much. 

Nichole F., Winter Shelter Recipient


United Way of Southwest Louisiana has the ability to initiate projects independently in each of our four focus areas. These Initiatives address important community needs not already being met that we have identified as critical needs. They can be used to address emergency needs during times of natural disasters or critical community needs not being met by our partner agencies.

Inactive Initiatives

United Way of Southwest Louisiana has the ability to act immediately when a need must be met for the community. If the need is not necessary for long-term change goals that are part of the United Way strategy, the initiative can be inactive until needed in the future.

Furniture For Families

FEMA Appeals